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Set Apart Coming off the Road Oct. 1

It has been such an honor over the past eleven years to have had the privilege to stand on literally hundreds of stages across the country singing and proclaiming the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. I could think of no greater reason to stand, or to travel across our great land than to tell the old, old story of Jesus and His saving glory. Through many miles of travel, the Lord has encamped about us, and as he did for Job, put a hedge of protection around us. My mind goes back through eleven years of traveling, and I can think of so many times the Lord has made His presence overwhelmingly known.

To sing is one thing, but to minister is another. We have always tried our very best over the duration of our singing to choose songs that minister to those which we sing to. Songs that would be an encouragement in time of trouble, and a joy to hearts in times of gladness. I pray that we have been just that; an encouragement. While a song may touch your heart, the only thing that can ever save a soul is the gospel; the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thatís why we have always strived to pick and sing songs that contain the gospel message straight from Godís word.

I wouldnít take anything in the world for the past eleven years of experience God has given us through the ministry of Set Apart. We have met many friends, who will be life-long friends. My mind goes back, and I can think of many souls who were won to Christ as a product of Godís ministry through us. Literally hundreds of people have been affected through this ministry, and for that I say, ďTo God be the Glory, great things he hath done.Ē I can even think of several married couples who met each other through this ministry! God has richly blessed us and to Him Iím very thankful.

Soloman said in Ecclesiastes 3:1 ďTo every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.Ē I have expounded on the blessings and the keeping power of Christ throughout our ministry, and as Soloman said, there is a time for every purpose. Over the past eleven years, God has given us the time and ability to travel and minister through song, but we feel it is necessary at this point of time to change directions in our lives. Collectively, we think it is wise to cease our travels as Set Apart. This is a decision we have made having put much prayer and thought into. We feel at peace with our decision, and hope that you will support us in it.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of you for your support in this ministry. We have many who have supported us since day one. Iíll never forget the men of our home church going in together and buying us our first trailer to haul our sound equipment in! Its people like that who helped us to get our feet on the ground. Weíre also thankful for the many monthly supporters we have had. You have made it possible for this ministry to continue for the past eleven years-may God bless you for your faithfulness. Finally, above all things, I ask that you would keep each of the five members of Set Apart in your prayers, Nathan, Tonya, Shane, Caleb, and Myself. While we are uncertain of what tomorrow may hold for each one of us, we are certain who holds tomorrow. God has loaded each member of this group with a certain talent, and my prayer for all of us is that we would be in Godís perfect will. The sky is the limit for what God is able to do in each of our lives, and I trust that each one of you, who have been such a support and blessing to us, will continue by praying for us individually.

May God Bless,
Bryan Simmons
Set Apart

Set Apart

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